3 Reasons to Stop Renting, and Start Buying


Give your family the gift of a more stable home life by having a constant place to call home. While this is important for adults, it is even more beneficial for children. Buying a home allows them to build a routine of school, extracurricular activities, and ending the day back at home. It gives them a constant and provides the whole family with a sense of belonging and community. Renting causes families to have to move from place to place, which may include having to switch school districts. Buying a home ensures your children may maintain their routine and grow knowing they have the stability of their home.


With many rentals, you have very limited and have restrictions on how you can customize your home. Owning a home allows you and your family the opportunity to make the place truly unique and special to you. You can paint walls, knock them down, redesign entire spaces, and so much more! Make your home feel like a home by buying and tailoring it to your family’s wants and needs.


When you own your home, you may have an outdoor space as apart of your home. That space also becomes solely yours to customize and utilize as you and your family desire. There are so many options for what you can do with an outdoor space: create a living or sitting area, plant a garden, add a pool, install a basketball goal, etc. These are just a few options of how to make your property truly feel like your own. When renting, it is more of a “you get what you get” type of scenario which can make it difficult for families to really feel at home.